Howdy, friends and neighbors.

While the At-Work Mama is in the back bedroom tending to a sleep-refusing toddler (she’s yelling {{MAMA}} into the monitor’s mic tonight, so I’m off the hook so far) I wanted to pop in and introduce you to my latest brain child, Dads I Dig.

In all fairness, sharing the works of one’s most admired, fellow bloggers, is hardly innovative and anything but original. Nonetheless, I’ve decided to dedicate a periodic segment, here at At-Home Dad Matters, to the best-of-the-best, most upstanding, dads I stumble upon in my day to day. Be they At-Home or At-Work, writers or warriors for a cause, I’m going to pop in here from time to time and shine my little light upon them in the hopes that you all will grace them with your interest and interaction.

Dads I Dig #1: Zach Rosenberg

Zach is an honest, humble, SoCal dad whose indefatigable love for his wife and kids bleeds through each and every word that he ever plops down on a page. Renowned pink bathrobe donner and co-creator of the sharp-witted 8BitDad blog, Zach never fails me when I need a healthy dose of insightful snark, or a spoonful of sentimental sugar to wash the day’s bad medicine down with. Please click the image below to read a sample of his stuff.  Read his posts. Comment, subscribe and really get to know the guy. Those few minutes, well-dedicated, will be minutes that you’ll never wish you could have back. Trust me.

Ciao for now,
Dada Mike

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