A few weeks back, during the lead up to Father’s Day, I was an avid giveaway clicker. They were all over the internet. Brands were giving away everything from grooming products to mega-grills to meat buckets. I even hosted my own Kimpton Hotels and Restaurants giveaway.  I was trying my luck at every turn when I came across the non-profit Poptism and their “2nd Annual Father’s Day Poptism A’s Game.” Not a giveaway in the traditional sense, but after not winning my fair share of those, I was elated when I was afforded a pair of the limited, family and kids, “needs basis,” free tickets Poptism was offering, so that I could take my daughter out to the ball game. Winner, winner! Sort of.

Poptism take me out to the ball game at home dad matters

Full disclosure, I am, by no means, a baseball fan.  I can’t bring myself to watch it on TV but I have been to a handful of games over the years and those are always fun. The sights, sounds and scents that meet me, any time I turn into any stadium parking lot, always carry me away to a much loved place of communal gathering, competition and sportsmanship, no matter the game. Also, my family is not poor or underprivileged, by any definition of those words, but Poptism was eager to pay their extra tickets forward, and I did qualify under the “wouldn’t otherwise attend” clause.  And while I have already taken up this much of your time disclosing stuffs I should also mention that on the day before the parents and kids event took place, my own better half of that equation fell feverish. (She is back to her funloving, frenetic form now.) The poor kid didn’t even get to attend, thus the “sort of” up there, and I was all set to forfeit when the event’s founder Pierre Calzadilla said I could utilize his 5 remaining tickets to make the day of a dad I know and his kids in tow. I ended up spending the day with my good buddy Paul and his three amazing kids

Poptism take me out to the ball game at home dad matters and 63,000 of our fellow Oakland A’s fans. (Paul and his kids are diehard fans of the team. I was, personally, doing that “when in Rome” thing.)


I hope you enjoy these photos as much as I enjoyed the game, the fully catered pre-game party for the families, and the looks of pure joy on the faces of the kids. And not, at all, in that order. (winky face)

Congratulations, Poptism, on your newly acquired, official 501c3 non-profit status!  Your mission to, “inspire men of all ages to fulfill their responsibilities as fathers and to foster a sense of community…,” is a noble one.

I encourage you, reader, to support Poptism in any way you can. Donations can be arranged by calling (510) 407-4492 or emailing pierre@poptism.org. Every Facebook like and follow helps increase their reach and brings their amazing mission to a broader audience.

Do it for the kids. Pierre does.

Ciao for now,
Dada Mike