Tis the Season Of The Dad and the internet is once again awash with lists of all things for, from, and about dads. This year, I wanted to toss my hat in the ring with my very first Father’s Day-esque post, and rather than simply contributing another list of gift ideas, or scouring my brain space for another anecdotal post about treasured Father’s Days of yore, I decided to incorporate two of my relatively newfound passions : Fatherhood and Photography.

By now, I  have 4 1/2 magnificent years of fatherhood under my belt but as I alluded to in my previous post, I’ve only recently discovered the joys that come from being a photography hobbyist. Conceptual street images. Compelling contrast. The thrill of the sunset chase. Even more enjoyable to me than my own, infrequent, personal successes, is seeing the stunning captures that others are able to come up with. So where do most dadly shutterbugs go to display their vivid imagery? You guessed it. Instagram.

So, for your pure viewing pleasure, I present to you my list of the most intensely creative, lens-proficient, fatherly shutterbugs I’ve come across, to date (and I’m not just talking about cute kid pics.) Here are 21 Instagram “Photography Dads” You Should Be Following.  


1. Colby Brown 
I’m just gonna dive right in. This dad’s stuff is masterful. I don’t know how he does what he does, or how he gets to go where he goes, but he does and I love it. I mean, ice caves? Ice caves!

2. Zach Rosenberg  
This particular dad is a participant in Samsung’s #imagelogger program, and for good reason. He has an eye for life’s softer edges and preserves them perfectly for the beholder’s eye.

California winter. #california #thousandoaks #bee #nature #flower A photo posted by Zach Rosenberg (@zjrosenberg) on

3. Derek Campanille  
And now for your drool-inducing foodie father photog.


4. Pete Fazio of Dadand  
There’s just something about the way this dad captures the objects and observances that comprise his world.

Candy experiments. A photo posted by Dadand.com – Pete and Marty (@dadandblog) on

5. Austin Dowd 
What can I say? This fellow Stay-At-Home-Dad’s compositions are just out of this world.

Stargazing with Uncle Jackson. #VSCOcam #Vsco #childhoodunplugged #uncle #stars #astronomy #stargazing A photo posted by Austin Dowd (@austin_dowd) on

6. Jay Sokol 
From Hollywood to Manhattan, this dad won me over with pics of sunsets on wing tips.

Good night from Long Beach. Wish I could go to sleep on one of these boats. #LBC #harbor #Friday #Sunset   A photo posted by Jay, Dude of the House (@dudeofthehouse) on

7. Josh Rose 
I purposefully didn’t rank this list of 21 Instagram “Photography Dads” You Should Be Following but if I had to pick a #1, this dad makes a compelling case. Check out his stuff!

8. Chris Bernholdt 
This dad’s macro skills aren’t the only thing that makes him a sure pick for the list.

Morning dew on a flower petal @olympuscamera #tg2 #Supermacro A photo posted by Chris (@dadncharge) on

9. Pat Jacobs of Just A Dad 247 
Ok, one cute kid pic. You’ll allow me that, won’t you? Like myself, this dad has recently been bitten by the, um, shutter bug. Follow him for fantastic things to come.

Happy Easter from The Starlet. #thestarlet #nofilter A photo posted by Pat & Kepley JustADad247.com (@justadad247) on

10. Jeff Bogle 
Talk about a natural! This humble lens-slinger is quick on the draw and has amassed quite the collection of happened-upon captures. His talent is apparent in the way he frames what most might overlook entirely.

Goooooaaaaaaal. #timbersarmy #Timbers #Portland #portlandia @samsungusa #nx30 #imagelogger A photo posted by Jeff Bogle (@owtk) on

11. Daniel Ruyter 
When it comes to image size on Instagram it is indeed a small world after all. But this Orlando dad is doing big things with photography both there and on his blog.

Castles stacked upon castles at #MagicKingdom #imagelogger #DitchTheDSLR #NX1   A photo posted by Daniel Ruyter (@danielruyter) on

12. Robert Greenwood 
Sky’s the limit with Coach Greenwood. Scroll through this dad’s account and you’ll soon see why.

Nice Sunrise. #floridaliving #Enlight #sun #sunrise #Florida A photo posted by lifeasdad (@lifeasdad) on

13. Tshaka Armstrong 
This dad is a work of art unto himself but his photography game is top-notch as well. Plus, I’ve got a soft spot for a guy who does as much good for the community of dads with daughters as this dad does.

14. Christopher Egan 
This Kentucky dad’s photography project. Every. Single. Image.

Mahgeetah. A photo posted by Chris Egan (@cigmo) on

15. Carter Gaddis 
Not only does this rad dad preserve a plethora of fun family trips in images but c’mon, an R2D2 selfie? Get. On. My. List.

Droid selfie at Lucasfilm in San Francisco. #dad2summit #LEGODAD   A photo posted by Carter (@dadscribe) on

16. Peter Shankman 
And talk about your worldly and well-traveled dad. This guy’s business not only puts him on all of the major news networks all of the time but also puts him in spectacular position to snap photos like this.

#latergram – Tuesday night’s NYC fireworks for the Chinese New Year. A photo posted by Peter Shankman (@petershankman) on

17. John Willey 
This dad’s account is as American as apple pie. Little league, the family dog and a tradition of exciting summer vacations all captured by cell phone.

Baseball.   A photo posted by @jdubs44 on

18. Justin Connors 
Just go have a look. Trust me on this dad.

amazing coffee and great company are a lethal combination. A photo posted by Justin Connors (@140justinc) on

19. Phil Corless 
This Idaho dad wears his home state pride on his sleeve and rightfully so if these photographs are any indication.

Josh, from @kapaluaziplines, shows how it should be done. #ziplining #Hawaii #Maui #Kapalua   A photo posted by Idaho Dad (@northidahodad) on

20. Ashley Beolens 
“Birder blogger writer dad” reads his bio. I’d whole-heartedly endorse the addition of “photographer extraordinaire.”

21. photodad55 
Last but not least. I know nothing about this fella other than the fact that he takes incredible photos for fun. I can only assume he is a dad because of the name and, well, Hot Wheels

#hwc #hotwheels   A photo posted by photodad55 (@photodad55) on

Who are the Instagram “Photography Dads” you think I should follow? Tell me in the comments! As always, follow our antics on Instagram here, if you’re so inclined: arrow2

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