Here we are, another compelling installment of our ongoing series (not true, this is a first): “Sam I Am Not” or “Don’t Knock It Til’ You’ve Tried It”, I haven’t decided.  In this series we highlight kid-specific activities, (crafts, tasks, chores and more!) gleaned from the web and elsewhere, aimed at making mince-meat of the monotony and slaying the daily mundane.  Then we try them out and that’s when the fun ensues!

Today’s activity was prompted  by this inspiring post from fellow dad blogger, Mike Smith, in which he expounds on the virtues of introducing your youngins to photography and its many splendors.  The process is simple:

  1. Get your camera gear. (In our case a perfectly toddler-sized Canon Digital Elph SD1400 IS and any old SD card)
  2. Optional: Conjure your child’s ‘inner-Nonni’  (It quickly became apparent that J. Boogie got the good shutterbug genes from my hobbyist wife and her professional photographer mother.
  3. Get your kids and your patience and
  4. Get out into nature!

Here, have a look at the world through the untainted eyes of a three year old.

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“Yes, photography can stimulate creativity, teach life lessons, and take you to another place emotionally. Your focus will be outward, not inward. Your successes will be captured and your failures deleted. -Mike Smith”

To Be Deleted

To Be Deleted

Chalk another one up for the team! Thanks, again, Mr. Smith, for the inspiration and another priceless opportunity to show my girls the world, for taking pictures is truly…

“…savoring life intensely, every hundredth of a second.” -Marc Riboud



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