(Bonus: Want to build a Netflix switch that turns on your TV, brings you right to Netflix, dims your lights, silences your phone, and even orders you food? You’re going to want to read to the end!)

But for now, a bit more about family traditions.

When I first told you about our family cabin, we were up there nestled in the woods of the Sierra foothills, establishing lifelong family traditions, beneath the sky’s curulean blue, in the highlands heat of Summer.

We go most often during the warmer months. My wife has an understandable aversion to my driving those winding roads in the snow. We have gone when there was still some remnants of powder on the ground. Snow, up there, can last into April, much to the delight of our kids. This video of our last “wintery” excursion cracks me up to this day. Wait for it.

Yesterday we surprised the kids and told them that we’re going on another cabin trip. Tomorrow. New Years Eve. Dead of winter. Feet upon feet of snow. And what’s more, their Nonni, their Aunt and their two similarly aged cousins are already there, eagerly awaiting our arrival. I thought they might faint from elation.

So, as I write this, my wife is packing up the mini van, our kids are winding down before bed, and I am psyching myself up for an amazing couple of days in one of my favorite places on the planet with the best people I know.

What’s more, we’ll be upping our family traditions game with a little help from our friends at Netflix. Tomorrow, on Netflix, our kids and yours can choose one of six special New Years Eve countdowns from their favorite characters, to watch any time of day! There are custom countdowns from Puffin Rock, Care Bears & Cousins, Inspector Gadget, King Julien, and favorites from DreamWorks Animation like Mr. Peabody and Sherman and Project Mc2 (A show I’ve heard so many wonderful things about that I’m not sure who’s more excited to finally see it – me or my girls.)
As all parents know, 9pm is the new midnight, and I can’t think of a better way to ring in the New Year, with the people I love, at a sneakily decent hour.


Be sure to check back in with us, to find out how our first true Winter cabin trip goes.

For now, check out this incredible DIY tutorial that was brought to my attention by a friend and reader of the blog. This is now way atop the to-do bucket list! Video, below.

Happy streaming, everybody, and a Netflix New Year!


Disclaimer: I’ve been compensated for this post but, as always, I wouldn’t write it if I didn’t mean it.